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    • The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

      To register for a Rubio Long Snapping camp, please go HERE

      All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.


      FALL 2018

      Sunday, October 7th - Charlotte, NC Area

      Sunday, October 14th - Holmdel, NJ Area*

      Sunday, October 21st - Seattle, WA Area

      Sunday, October 28th - Los Angeles, CA Area

      Sunday, November 18th - Dallas, TX Area

      Sunday, December 2nd - Atlanta, GA Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Chicago, IL Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Gilbert, AZ Area*

      Sunday, January 13th - CA Prep Camp - Los Angeles, Ca Area

      Friday, January 18th - Vegas Friday Warm Up Session 

      Saturday/Sunday, January 19th - 20th - Vegas XXXIII


      *Sailer and Rubio will not be on site. Senior Instructors will lead the camp.

      For EXACT venues and locations, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE.


      2019 FULL SCHEDULE IS UP!  Go to the the "Camps" tab to see more. 

    • Kickers / Punters:

      Andrew David

      Long Snappers:

      Blake Ferguson

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    • Kickers / Punters:

      JK Scott

      Freeman Jones
      North Carolina

      Cameron Gamble

      Gary Wunderlich
      Ole Miss

      MORE >

    • Kickers / Punters:

      Sean Covington 

      Jed Barnett 

      Diego Gonzalez

      Jimmy Hutchinson 

      MORE >

    Top 12 • Overview
    Who can attend the "TOP 12"?

    In order to create the maximum amount of targeted exposure for our athletes we have decided to make a few changes. These new changes will allow us to showcase which Long Snappers are truly ready to compete at the next level.

    At each of the Vegas Events, VEGAS XXXI and VEGAS XXXII, Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio will select 20 athletes that dominated each camp and they feel could potentially be ready for the next level.

    They will also have a maximum of FIVE Wild Card invites each that they can give throughout the year. Their choice. Any camp. All on Sailer and Rubio and what they have seen and/or read about throughout the year.

    Now, here is where things REALLY get interesting. During the summer, at The TOP 12 camp  (the term “Event Elite” is officially retired), not only will the athletes have to perform on the field, they will have to perform off the field as well. Each athlete will undergo a full interview process along with several meetings so that we can really grasp who they are and how they will handle the life of a college and/or pro athlete.

    As soon as each Kicker, Punter or Long Snapper receives their respective invitation to this prestigious camp, they will be issued a black shirt with yellow writing. At the end of the camp, when we unveil the TOP 12, each one of those campers will receive the elusive yellow shirt.

    Stay with us here, The TOP 12 will be chosen at the end of the camp. They will be selected at individual meetings in a war room at the end of camp while the other participants will be waiting and feeling the pressure, wondering “How many spots are left?”

    They will be selected by their mental and physical ability over the three days of the camp.

    Now, we will REALLY get to see who are The TOP 12 of Chris Sailer Kicking and The TOP 12 of Rubio Long Snapping!  



    Monday, July 16th - Wednesday, July 18th
    *Check-in is Monday, July 16th



    • Option #1: Drive
      Arrive at Safari Inn by 2:30pm on Monday, July 16th. Check-in is at 3pm.
    • Option #2: Fly info Burbank Airport (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
      Flights must arrive by 2:30pm on Monday, July 16th
      *Burbank airport is 3 miles from the hotel. This option will offer by far the least amount of stress
    • Option #3: Fly into LAX
      Flights must arrive by 1:30pm on Monday, July 16th
      *LAX is 20 miles from the hotel. However, this a very busy airport and traffic will be unpredictable. Remember, 20 miles is not the same in LA as it is in other parts of the world :) 


    • Option #1: Drive
      Depart the Safari Inn by 4pm on Wednesday, July 18th
    • Option #2: Fly out of Burbank Airport (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
      Flights must depart after 5pm on Wednesday, July 18th
    • Option #3: Fly into LAX
      Flights must depart after 6:30pm on Wednesday, July 18th



    • Please, please, please book your flights early as this is not an easy trip to arranage.
    • Parents are welcome to attend the camp, but the transportaion and hotel will be on your own.
    • Athletes may arrive a day earlier, but the transportaion and hotel will be on your own.
    • Athletes may stay a day later, but the transportaion and hotel will be on your own.



    Village Christian School

    8930 Village Ave.

    Sun Valley, CA 91352


    LODGING: (Included with cost of camp)

    Safari Inn, A Coast Hotel

    1911 W. Olive Ave.

    Burbank, CA 91506


    Transportation to and from the airport, hotel, on field instruction, film and classroom sessions.



    • Parents are allowed to attend, but most do not.
    • Altheltes will need spending money for snacks and meals ($10-$20 per meal).
    • We recommend a carry-on size bag for clothing.
    • Bring swim trunks for the BELLY FLOP Contest :)




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