• The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

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      All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.





      March 1 (Sunday)
      Glendale Community College
      Glendale, CA
      Spring Camp

      March 7 (Saturday)
      Olympic Community of Schools
      Charlotte, NC
      Spring Camp 

      March 8 (Sunday)
      Northgate HS
      Newnan, GA
      Spring Camp 

      March 15 (Sunday)
      Shoreline Stadium
      Shoreline, WA
      Spring Camp

      March 22 (Sunday)
      San Francisco, CA 
      Spring Camp



      April 5 (Sunday)
      LD Bell HS
      Hurst, TX 
      Spring Camp

      April 19 (Sunday)
      Sparta Dome
      Crowne Point, IN
      Spring Camp 

      April 26 (Sunday)
      Boston, MA
      Spring Camp 



      May 8 (Friday)
      Las Vegas, NV
      Friday Warm Up Session: VEGAS XXXVI

      May 9 & 10 (Saturday & Sunday)
      Las Vegas, NV

      *NEW THIS YEAR* The Polynesian Bowl All-Star Long Snappers will be selected at Vegas XXXVI and this event only! 



      To register for a Rubio Long Snapping camp, please go HERE

      All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.

    • Kickers / Punters:

      Andrew David

      Long Snappers:

      Blake Ferguson

      MORE >

    • Kickers / Punters:

      JK Scott

      Freeman Jones
      North Carolina

      Cameron Gamble

      Gary Wunderlich
      Ole Miss

      MORE >

    • Kickers / Punters:

      Sean Covington 

      Jed Barnett 

      Diego Gonzalez

      Jimmy Hutchinson 

      MORE >

    What's new with Rubio?
    Spring camps are here!  Our first stop, Glendale Community College this Sunday, March 1st. Sign up today!
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    camp testimonials
    Rubio Long Snapping
    "Rubio, Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you. Our son, had never attended any camps before and had started to try and learn long-snapping on his own. (With some help from his parents, mostly his Mom.) We came across you on social media and decided to sign him up for the Vegas camp. (We had no idea that was kind of a showcase event, but Vegas in January coming from Colorado sounded nice.) As we drove in on the morning of day one, he and I knew that maybe we had bitten off a little more than we could chew. As we warmed up, it was apparent that he had a long way to go to be in the same league as the other athletes that were there. As a parent, I was concerned, wondering how much time and attention he would get from the coaches. Happy to say we were thrilled. You and your staff were great. They treated him well and man did he improve. Competition day was a great experience. He struggled at times, as you might expect. I highly doubt any college scouts will be looking at him based on his performance, but he got much better and more importantly, he’s excited about it and wants to come back next year and attend some of your other camps in the meantime. Point is, I know a lot of people come to you with hopes of getting exposure to colleges and instruction for their athletes. We came with a different goal, we simply wanted him to learn how to long-snap from the best. It would have been easy for your staff or you to overlook our son at an event like that, filled with the top HS long-snappers across the country. I walked away impressed and grateful, because he gained a lot of skill and a lot of confidence from being there. Thank you. We’ll see you again soon."
    Parent - CO - 2019
    Pic of the week
    Rubio 2020 Bowls
    Mark your calendars!‬  VEGAS XXXVI is on May 9-10 and that’s where the class of 2021 Long Snappers will compete for the Polynesian Bowl spots!‬  This event is going to be huge, open to all and a great opportunity for all Long Snappers!‬
    Player bios of the week


    2020 - Jacob Zuhr (FL)

    ‪#1 in his class after VEGAS XXXV rankings were completed! 

    2021 - Rocco Underwood (FL)

    ‪#1 in his class after VEGAS XXXV rankings were completed! 

    2022 - Logan Rager (NJ)

    ‪#1 in his class after VEGAS XXXV rankings were completed! â€¬

    2023 -  Drew Preito (GA)

    ‪#1 in his class after VEGAS XXXV rankings were completed! 



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