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    Carter Milliron • Class of 2022 • Long Snappers
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    Carter Milliron
    Name: Carter Milliron
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 11
    Grad Year: 2022
    State: AL
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE
    Pro Team:
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 235
    Student Since: 2017
    Last Evaluation: 1/21
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    Player Review

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    VEGAS XXXVII (January, 2021) Player Reviews are above on the YouTube video.

    Milliron was on fire at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in GA on December 6th, 2020. He is a thick and powerful Long Snapper that was absolutely ripping the ball back to the punter all day in GA. His form is great and he is using his whole body very well. Milliron can easily pass an eyeball test quickly from a college coach. He is built like a horse and just keeps getting bigger and stronger. If he keeps up at this pace, he will easily make the TOP 12 camp and can be one of the top Long Snappers in his class. Making sure he gets fully set locks down his accuracy at VEGAS XXXVII in January. 

    Player reviews for VEGAS XXXV will be done on YouTube. Please click on top video link above to see the full review.

    Milliron was on fire at the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Camp in GA on March 9th, 2020. He is growing by the hour and already can snap an FBS ball when he is snapping with confidence. Great size and just continues to move in the right direction to snap at the next level. Making sure he is always following through with both hands will completely lock down his overall accuracy and get him fully ready for college. He will be as good as he wants be. Massive upside. 

    Milliron did extremely well at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in GA on November 24th, 2019. He has grown a good deal and is really filling out his body. It was almost hard to recognize him at the start of the camp. His starting form is great and his explosiveness with his lower half is coming along extremely well. The amount of force he gets from his lower half is excellent. Leaning back more so he is always falling back will greatly help him at VEGAS XXXV in January.

    Carter had a very solid day at the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Regional camp in GA on April 28, 2019. He has a very impressive frame that can add weight very easily and great form to go along with it. Would like to see him shift his weight back in his stance a tiny bit. From there he is already exploding with his snap, generating a powerful yet compact slide. His timing of his legs locking out and ball passing his instep is well beyond his years. Catchability is off the charts, just want to see him get that release point locked in and snap with confidence once he does. He is going to be a force to deal with for a long time. Looking forward to seeing him compete at Vegas XXXIV and future Rubio Long Snapping camps!

    Milliron was very solid at the Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXIII Event on January 19-20, 2019. Ball is smooth and very easy to catch. Form is good and he is already getting very solid use of his legs. Moves with a purpose on his feet and showed dominance in agility drills. Making sure he is not too wide will help with overall speed and get even more use of his strong legs. Really impressive weekend from Milliron.

    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    VEGAS XXXVII 40 Time: 4.87
    VEGAS XXXVII Snap Speed: .66

    2020 GA Fall Camp RSI: 40.00

    2020 GA Spring Camp RSI: 6.74

    VEGAS XXXV RSI: 17.33
    VEGAS XXXV 40 Time: 5.40
    VEGAS XXXV Snap Speed: .75

    2019 GA Fall Camp RSI: 21.52

    2019 GA Spring Camp RSI: 10.47

    VEGAS XXXIII Average 40 Time: 5.25
    VEGAS XXXIII Average Snap Time: .74

    2018 GA Fall Camp RSI: 14.63

    VEGAS XXXII RSI: 12.09
    VEGAS XXXII 40 Time: 5.18
    VEGAS XXXII Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .91

    2018 GA Spring Camp RSI: 29.73

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