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      December 12 - CHICAGO
      Rosemont Dome INDOOR
      Rosemont, IL

      December 19 - SAN FRANCISCO
      Monte Vista High School
      Danville, CA

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      January Las Vegas Event

      January 14: Friday Warm Up
      January 15-16: Las Vegas XXXIX


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      April 24: New Jersey (Indoor)
      May 1: Seattle, WA


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      May 13: Friday Warm up
      May 14-15: Las Vegas XL


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      July 9-10: Rising Seniors Invitational
      July 12-14: TOP 12
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      October 2: Seattle, WA
      October 16: Atlanta, GA
      October 23: Los Angeles, CA
      October 30: Dallas, TX
      November 13: Charlotte, NC
      December 11: Chicago, IL (Indoor)
      December 18: San Francisco, CA
      December 18: New Jersey (Indoor)




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      All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.

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    Player Rankings • Player Profile
    Joseph Shimko • Class of 2019 • Long Snappers
    Perfect mentality, size, athleticism, spiral, speed and consistency. Freshman Year Starter at any College/University, All-Conference on Day 1 of College, Scholarship Pick
    FBS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
    Definite FCS Freshman Year Starter, Possible FBS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick or FBS PWO
    D2, D3, NAIA Prospect or FCS PWO
    D2, D3 or NAIA Developing Prospect
    High School Starter
    Developing High School Player
    Joseph Shimko
    Name: Joseph Shimko
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 4
    Grad Year: 2019
    State: NJ
    College: NC State
    Pro Team:
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 200
    SAT/ACT: 1050
    GPA: 3.64
    Student Since: 2017
    Last Evaluation: 12/18
    Player Review
    OFFER NOW!!!

    Shimko was outstanding at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in GA on December 2, 2018. Truly one of the most dominant Long Snappers to go through Rubio Long Snapping in quite some time. He ended up winning the speed competition with times well under .75. His snaps actually pick up speed as they approach the punter and, as always, Shimko gets better the more tired he gets. It’s amazing to watch. Other Long Snappers start to falter as they wear down but Shimko just gets stronger. Just following through at all times and never letting his foot off the gas is going make Shimko dominant for a long, long time. Kids a flat out stud.

    Shimko was absolutely dominant all day at the Rubio Long Snapping camp in NJ on October 14th, 2018. His form is picture perfect and he snaps the ball with extreme power and speed without compromising any accuracy. Ended up winning BOTH the speed and overall competition, marking the FIFTH time he has accomplished this feat in his Rubio Long Snapping career! Is going to be great at NC State and expect amazing things from him in the future.

    Shimko was excellent at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in NC on October 7th, 2018. Athletic Long Snapper that snaps one of the fastest balls in the country. Form is superb and he is using his whole body as well as anyone in the country. He is so good that Shimko is ALWAYS in the hunt during the finals and, if he doesn't win the camp, which is rare, people are actually shocked. He is a machine that will make the Wolfpack of NC State very happy they got him next year. Flat out stud. 

    I can't say it enought, Shimko is a monster. In just over a year, he has gone from avereage/good to, easily, one of the best Long Snappers in the country. He absolutely crushed the summer camp circuit through the south, the FBU TOP GUN CAMP (where he earned a All-American Bowl spot) and at the TOP 12 camp in CA where he picked up one of the TOP 12 spots. I will say it again, even though I have said it countless times before, Shimko might be the only Long Snapper I have ever worked with that actually gets better the more tired he gets. He uses all of his body extremely well and his ball picks up a speed along the way to the punter. If the punter isn't paying attention, the power of Shimko's snap could punish their hands. NC State got a great one and I don't see him slowing down his improvement anytime soon. 

    Shimko is an absolute machine and NC State got a great one. I have never seen a Long Snapper like Shimko before...he actually gets better throughout the day. The more tired he gets, the better he gets, the faster his ball gets, the more powerful his snaps become. It really is incredible to watch. Extremely fast Long Snapper (on his feet and with his actual snap) that moves with great fluidity at all times. The bigger and stronger he gets, the more he will be able to dominate at the next level. Overall attitude is incredible as he works as hard and smart as anyone to go through Rubio Long Snapping. Extremely impressed with Shimko and I don't expect him to stop improving anytime soon. Not in his makeup. 

    Shimko was excellent at the Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXI Event on January 12-14, 2018. Very athletic Long Snapper that made it all the way to the finals and was extremely close to winning it all. Said it once and I will say it again, Shimko is one of the only Long Snappers I have ever seen that actually gets better as the day goes on. The more tired he gets, the better he snaps. It is almost crazy to see. Tightening his spiral will help a ton and continuing to put on size will push him way up the rankings. Shimko just keeps getting better and better. Definitely keep an eye on him. 

    Shimko crushed it at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in OH on December 17, 2017. Ended up winning yet another camp. As stated below, Shimko is one of the only Long Snappers in the country that actually gets better as he gets tired. It is simply amazing and impressive to watch. Massive jump in the rankings and he is right on the cusp of being a 5 Star Rubio Long Snapper. Major competitions headed his way to challenge him at VEGAS XXXI.

    Shimko did really well at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in NC on November 19, 2017. Athletic Long Snapper that is one of the rare ones that actually gets better, the more he snaps. As everyone else gets tired, Shimko just keeps getting stronger. Like to see him focus on locking down his spiral to increase the catchability of his ball and make sure his snapping motion is more consistent. By increasing the consistency of his snapping motion it will also increase the consistency of Shimko’s snap speeds. He can hover from mid .6s to high .7s and I want to see him locked into all times under .70 at VEGAS XXXI. Tremendous potential on this Long Snapper and he is right on the cusp of greatness.

    Shimko was dominant, once, again out in NJ and absolutely crushed it at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in NJ on October 8th, 2017. He, yet again, was the accuracy and speed champion of the whole camp. Very athletic and can easily be a factor on the punt coverage team. Ball is easily sub .75. The bigger and stronger he gets, the better he will be and more he will be ready for college. Shimko is the real deal and could easily be a TOP 12 member at VEGAS XXXI. College coaches should keep a very close eye on this Long Snapper from the northeast. 


    Highlight Videos

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    College Interest
    Additional Information

    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    2018 GA Fall Camp RSI: 44.12

    2018 NJ Fall Camp RSI: 29.63

    2018 NC FALL RSI: 30.43

    2018 NC SUMMER RSI: 42.86

    VEGAS XXXII RSI: 54.65
    VEGAS XXXII 40 Time: 4.92
    VEGAS XXXII Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .66

    2018 NJ Spring Camp RSI: 13.24

    2018 NC Spring Camp RSI: 56.52

    VEGAS XXXI RSI: 48.53
    VEGAS XXXI 40 Time: 4.72
    VEGAS XXXI Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .7

    2017 OH Fall Camp RSI: 39.44

    2017 NC Fall Camp RSI: 13.85

    2017 NJ Fall Camp RSI: 42.11

    2017 NJ Summer Camp RSI: 23.08

    2017 NJ Spring Camp RSI: 7.23

    VEGAS XXIX Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .83
    VEGAS XXIX 40 Time: 4.96
    VEGAS XXIX RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from the Rubio Target: 10.00

    Additional Links

    TOP 12 Camp Invitee - 2018 ---> TOP 12 SELECTION!!!

    Selected for the All-American Bowl

    2018 NC Camp Overall and Speed Champion

    2018 GA Camp Speed Champion

    2018 NJ Fall Camp Overall and Speed Champion

    2018 NJ Spring Camp Speed Champion

    2018 NC Spring Camp Overall Champion

    2017 OH Fall Camp Overall and Speed Champion

    2017 NJ Fall Camp Overall and Speed Champion 

    2017 NJ Summer Camp Overall and Speed Champion 

    2016 South Jersey Group 3 State Champions

    Multi-sport athlete -lettered in winter track and baseball

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