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      FALL 2018

      Sunday, October 7th - Charlotte, NC Area

      Sunday, October 14th - Holmdel, NJ Area

      Sunday, October 21st - Seattle, WA Area

      Sunday, October 28th - Los Angeles, CA Area

      Sunday, November 18th - Dallas, TX Area

      Sunday, December 2nd - Atlanta, GA Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Chicago, IL Area

      Sunday, December 9th - Gilbert, AZ Area

      Sunday, January 13th - CA Prep Camp - Los Angeles, Ca Area

      Friday, January 18th - Vegas Friday Warm Up Session 

      Saturday/Sunday, January 19th - 20th - Vegas XXXIII


      *Sailer and Rubio will not be on site. Senior Instructors will lead the camp.

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    Player Rankings • Player Profile
    John Bergeron • Class of 2020 • Long Snappers
    Division 1 prospect
    Division 2 prospect
    Division 3 prospect
    John Bergeron
    Name: John Bergeron
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 31
    Grad Year: 2020
    State: LA
    Pro Team:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 220
    SAT/ACT: 26
    GPA: 4.0
    Student Since: 2016
    Last Evaluation: 7/18
    Player Review

    Bergeron (Fred Savage) was solid during the 2018 Rubio Long Snapping Summer Tour. He is a thick Long Snapper with quick hands and good pop from his lower half. Always improving and you have to love that on a Long Snapper. The more confidence he snaps with, the better Bergeron looks and snaps. As he continues to gain strength and get bigger, he will need to make sure his stance continues to widen out so he can allow his big chest to get through and keep his accuracy on par with a college Long Snapper. Continuing to lean back will also help out his speed and accuracy. Love when he drives his elbows fully to his punter. Kid is good and headed towards great. Watch him. 

    Bergeron showed me some good things at the VEGAS XXXII Event in May of 2018. Form is good, and he is leading with his elbows well. Ball is accurate and hovers in the low .8s. To really make a push for the next level, need to see Bergeron focus on increasing his overall athleticism and become a true factor on the punt coverage team. His attitude is off the charts and he is one of the most liked 2020 Long Snappers in his class. Strength is improving, and he snaps a great ball back to the punter. Bergeron controls his own destiny. 

    Bergeron (Fred Savage) showed me some good things at the Rubio Long Snapping spring camp in TX on April 29th, 2018. His form is very good and he is able to use all of his body well for his age. Balance is solid and he is leaning back well. Need to make sure Bergeron continues to improve his overall athleticism, gets fully set on each snap and definitely stops thinking when snapping. When Bergeron thinks he will over grip the ball and it will play with his spiral. Spiral and overall athleticism will be two major things I will be watching in Vegas. He is good and headed towards great if he allows his body to do all of the work. Excellent attitude and always smiling. 

    Bergeron had a great day at the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Camp in NC on March 11, 2018. Form is very good and he is starting to snap with a great deal of confidence. He was able to get the ball back under the .80 mark and I loved it. Like to see Bergeron focus on really driving his elbows through and not popping them out. When he drives them through, he can create a great amount of whip and the speed is tremendous. Locking down his release point will increase his overall accuracy. Really impressive improvement over the past couple of months. Love his attitude. Getting to see him really move on his feet is going to be a big thing I am looking for at VEGAS XXXII in May. Improving very quickly.

    Bergeron (AKA Fred Savage) did very well at the Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXI Event on January 12-14, 2018. Excellent attitude and he is always smiling. Starting form is excellent and he can easily get the ball back to the punter at D1 speeds....when he is on. Consistency of his snapping motion and follow through will greatly increase the concsistency of his snaps and his speeds. As stated, when Bergeron is on, he is very on. Mkaing sure he is leading with his elbows and snapping with his fingers will create more whip and better spiral. CONFIDENCE is going to be huge for Bergeron. Great kid. 

    Bergeron had a good day at the Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp in GA on December 3rd, 2017. Attitude is terrifc and he is always improving. Form is good and he has solid balance. Like to see him focus on driving his elbows. When Bergeron tries to snap too hard, he can be a bit stiff armed and that will actually slow the ball down. Slow motion drills where he thinks elbows, chest and eyes and making sure he is having his elbows and knees move at the same time will help a ton. Reaching back and getting his eyes/head through will help as well. Has the tools, just need to put them all together at the same time.


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    College Interest
    Additional Information

    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    VEGAS XXXII RSI: 15.96
    VEGAS XXXII 40 Time: 6.16
    VEGAS XXXII Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .81

    2018 TX Spring Camp RSI: 10.00

    2018 NC Spring Camp RSI: 10.23

    VEGAS XXXI RSI: 25.29
    VEGAS XXXI 40 Time: 5.97
    VEGAS XXXI Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .87

    2017 GA Fall Camp RSI: 3.41

    2017 TX Fall Camp RSI: 13.33

    2017 NJ Fall Camp RSI: 19.57

    2017 TX Summer Camp RSI: 12.24

    VEGAS 30 RSI: 13.64
    VEGAS 30 40 Time: 6.15
    VEGAS 30 Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .89

    2017 TX Spring Camp RSI: 9 

    VEGAS XXIX Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .92
    VEGAS XXIX 40 Time: 6.41
    VEGAS XXIX RSI: 8.70

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