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    Nathan Hall • Class of 2022 • Long Snappers
    FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
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    D2, D3, NAIA Prospect or FCS PWO
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    Nathan Hall
    Name: Nathan Hall
    Player Ranking:
    Class Rank: 100
    Grad Year: 2022
    State: CA
    Offers & Commitment:(NEW) UNDECIDED
    Pro Team:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 220
    SAT/ACT: 1280
    GPA: 4.4
    Student Since: 2015
    Last Evaluation: January, 2022
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    Player Review

    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) is a scoring process developed by Rubio Long Snapping that weighs the average speed of the snap along with points for accuracy on the Rubio Target. Bonus points are awarded for a superior range of snap times.

    VEGAS XXXIX RSI: 26.46
    VEGAS XXXIX 40 Time: 5.37
    VEGAS XXXIX Snap Speed: .76

    VEGAS XXXIV RSI: 24.05
    VEGAS XXXIV 40 Time: 5.58
    VEGAS XXXIV Snap Time: .775

    2019 SPRING CA RSI: 10.71

    VEGAS XXXIII Average 40 Time: 5.66
    VEGAS XXXIII Average Snap Time: .74

    2018 CA Fall Camp RSI: 14.10

    2018 CA SUMMER RSI: 13.19

    VEGAS XXXII RSI: 18.15
    VEGAS XXXII 40 Time: 5.6
    VEGAS XXXII Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .88

    2018 CA Spring Camp RSI: 12.63

    VEGAS XXXI RSI: 17.72
    VEGAS XXXI 40 Time: 5.64
    VEGAS XXXI Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .905

    VEGAS 30 RSI: 7.61
    VEGAS 30 40 Time: 6.50
    VEGAS 30 Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: .95

    2017 CA Spring Camp RSI: 9.09

    VEGAS XXIX Average 15 Yard Snap Speed: 1.17
    VEGAS XXIX 40 Time: 5.94
    VEGAS XXIX RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from the Rubio Target: 23.33

    Average 15 yard Snap Speed at VEGAS XXVII: 1.13
    Score on The Rubio Target: 3/48
    RSI (Rubio Standard Index) from The Rubio Target: 2.52
    40 Time: 6.57
    Additional Links
    • Youtube Channel HERE

    • Class rank - 43/698

      2018 Student Athlete of the Year

      2018 All-League Academic Team

      Most Valuable Lineman on his freshman team

    He was again given MVP for Offense on his JV team at center and longsnapper. 

    He started Varsity at longsnapper and lettered as a sophomore with scholar athlete distinction.

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